Strengthen - Encourage - Grow

Our Purpose at Harvest Hills Ministries is to

STRENGTHEN faith and family, ENCOURAGE community, and GROW relationships with Jesus Christ.

"...Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest." John 4:35

We do this by providing a place for events and activities designed to bring people together, make memories and connections with each other and grow in their faith in Jesus. Some events are “homegrown” - they are originals to Harvest Hills Ministries. Others have been organized and structured by those that see the Farm as a good place to facilitate their ministry. Starting from the littlest kiddos that can join us for our TimberNook day camps and Free Fridays Bible Clubs, heading into our youth events of Converge and the iAM & GreaterThan Event, or moving on into family opportunities of Worship nights and Harvest Days, these are just a few ways you might find “home” here at The Farm at Harvest Hills, “Your Farm Away From Home”.

At Harvest Hills, you will find a bustling destination filled with events designed to bring people and families closer together.  When you support Harvest Hills Ministries, you help us to organize activities that will strengthen the community that surrounds you!  We work to bring people together to grow and do life together, through thick and thin, and to help build support and encouragement through a faith in Jesus Christ. 


All you have to do is show up!

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Calendar of Events

Take a look at all that is about to happen in 2018! (hint...I'ts ALOT!)

How to get involved

Check out some of the great things that are happening. Hopefully you don't miss out!

youth leaders and organizations

If you are a youth leader or involved in youth organizations, check out what is available to you and your group...