Founded by a family following a purpose


Harvest Hills Farm and Ministries began as a huge leap into the unknown.  It has been built on a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, and is becoming a home for families who are looking to connect and grow their faith.  To read the story visit


Mark Otto
Executive Director

Caron Otto
Executive Director's Boss


 Harvest Hills Ministries is a 501c3, non-profit supported by 100% of any proceeds from Harvest Hills Farm. The purpose of Harvest Hills Ministries is to STRENGTHEN faith and families, ENCOURAGE community, and GROWrelationships with Jesus Christ. We are blessed beyond measure to go on this journey surrounded by my amazing people who are more "qualified" than we are.  They serve unselfishly in so many ways, not looking to be noticed.  Doing the unglamorous things.  Showing us what Jesus looks like through the way they serve, full of joy and energy.  Cleaning out barn stalls, building stages, filling mud pits, ordering supplies, and keeping all things in check.  We would not be able to do any of this without them.

We also have an incredible board of people that keep Harvest Hills Ministries accountable and moving in the direction that God places in front of them.  

Board Members include

Scott and Heather Thomas

Jeff and Carrie Stimpson

Brad and Jenny Lemons

Darren and Kori Hurley