At Harvest Hills, you will find a bustling destination filled with events designed to bring people and families closer together.  When you support Harvest Hills Ministries, you help us to organize activities that will strengthen the community that surrounds you!  We work to bring people together to grow and do life together, through thick and thin, and to help build support and encouragement through a faith in Jesus Christ. We are a fully tax-deductible IRS compliant 501c3 organization.

There are many exciting things planned for 2018 and beyond, so THANK YOU for your help!


 If you would like to mail in support, the address is:

P.O. Box 754 Delaware, Ohio 43015

For all other's please click  the 'DONATE' button for a one time PayPal donation, or select 'SUBSCRIBE' to set up monthly support for Harvest Hills Ministries. Thank you!

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Donation Options

Please choose below if you would like to make a Single One-Time Donation through PayPal. If you are choosing a sponsorship option, please indicate that with the donation and we will follow-up with you with additional information!

Look over the list below and if you can help contribute to some of these needs, click the 'Donate' button above. 

  • P.A. system and lighting ($1250)
  • Electric upgrade in main brick barn for safety ($1200)
  • Electric upgrade in bunk barn for safety ($1200)
  • Running water for washing and drinking ($1500)
  • (8 needed) Sponsor a full bunk room (5 bunks units and concrete flooring) ($750)

As you make year end tax planning (e.g. Cash, Stocks, Appreciated Securities, etc..).  Just email us at info@harvesthillsministries.org

If you would like to make a 'non-cash' contribution that is fully tax deductible, please email us at info@harvesthillsministries.org and we will reach out to you within 24 hours. Here is a list of items that could really help!

  • Wooden dining chairs & wooden dining tables
  • Couches and seating for the 'Retreat Barn'
  • Gravel for parking
  • Railroad ties for landscaping and building structures
  • Outdoor rocking chairs and benches