GreaterThan 2019 (for boys)

Saturday 2:30pm-Sunday 1pm

September 14-15, 2019

Middle school and high school boys!! This one’s for you!

Grab your friends for an experience you will not want to miss!

Just under 24 hours, we will kick off the afternoon with games, food, and worship.  You will be challenged both physically and spiritually through the activities, worship and speaking sessions.

After a night of sleeping in barns and tents, you will finish off with a team building experience like none other….

   The Farm Mudder:

You’ll have to trudge through mud, crawl, hop, climb and pull yourself through and over obstacles.  And believe it or not, you’ll have a blast doing it!

To top it off, we will clean you off with a fire hose!  You will be talking about this event for months afterwards!

Speaker: Joel Trainer, Three Creeks Church

Cost:  $55