Harvest Hills Ministries is Growing!

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At Harvest Hills, you will find a bustling destination filled with events designed to bring people and families closer together.  When you support Harvest Hills Ministries, you help us to organize activities that will strengthen the community that surrounds you!  We work to bring people together to grow and do life together, through thick and thin, and to help build support and encouragement through a faith in Jesus Christ. We are a fully tax-deductible IRS compliant 501c3 organization.

There are many exciting things planned for 2019 and beyond, and here are the three in our primary focus:

  1. The Basketball Barn: Your kids may have slept in this barn (: The dirt filled stalls are where we have set up cots and tried to make as clean as possible in years past for our teen overnights. But other than a couple of times a year, this barn doesn’t get used fully. Until now. We are mid-process of the “Basketball Barn Makeover”. This project will allow us to remove the stalls to open the space up, fill the dirt with concrete, insulate the walls, and put real doors on! One of the best features is there will be heat!!

    We see this barn as a perfect space to host day retreats/conferences and gatherings. And yes, your kids will still sleep in here (: This project meets a need of a winterized space. Until now, the farm closes for 6 months of the year because we did not have any winter-friendly options. This sweet space will have heat (and Lord willing air too!)

2. The Challenge Course: We have loved hosting Farm Mudders here at the farm over the past 4 years. They are where we started and will continue to have a large part in our events. However, the set-up of them is extremely time consuming and not easy to do in short notice. As we get increasing number of churches, teams and groups that would like to utilize the farm for team building activities, we see a need for a course that is “always ready”. With that, we are going to build obstacles that people can use on a moment’s notice, and at different levels of difficulty. It’s going to be lot of fun! If you want to help us build these, stay tuned for work-days!

3. The Brick Barn Addition: Along the same lines of the reasoning behind the "Basketball Barn Makeover”, we see a need for a large indoor space. This space can be used for year-round ministry related gatherings, celebrations and community events. It will be multifunctional in every creative way possible (yes, we will be able to play basketball in it!!). One of our biggest dreams for Harvest Hills is to host a Nativity Walk/Drive through the Farm in December. This will be a series of live stations that share the life and story of Jesus and become an annual tradition for families at Christmas time. We hope to have churches share in the creation of the stations and to use this as an outreach through their communities. Having a large space that has heat to finish the tour is an important piece of this dream that God has placed on our heart to help further His kingdom!

 If you would like to mail in support, the address is:

455 Clear Run Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015

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