There are many improvements planned for 2017, and we are very excited to roll up our sleeves and begin.  If you remember, the farm was abandon for many years before we got here, so just getting it to the state that it is in now, has been a MONUMENTAL effort on behalf of so many people.  If you are one of those people - THANK YOU!  

Below you will find some of the projects planned to help beautify and improve space for greater utilization and capacity.  

'The Retreat Barn' - built circa 1870

'The Retreat Barn' - built circa 1870


The Retreat Barn

Our hope is to restore the beauty and functionality of this old barn without losing the old-world charm and history.  It will be used for group gatherings, and will be outfitted with couches, chairs and tables with the flexibility to handle up to 250 people.  

The foundation will be rebuilt in March.  The shed roof on the back will be removed and replaced with a whole new two-story functional meeting place.

The grounds around the barn will be beautified to include flowers, bushes, walkways, lighting, and a secluded garden area that will be able to host outdoor weddings.  



The Church Barn (or Gathering Place)

Currently, this cement structure is a great utility space.  We hope to open it up by connecting the front of the barn to the back of the barn by creating a 12' x 20' opening in the cinder block.  We will also be painting, adding landscaping, enlarging windows, replacing wiring, adding light fixtures, fixing concrete, and removing many old horse stalls.  

Outdoor Amphitheater 

We will be creating a permanent outdoor amphitheater space that will allow for a beautiful, rustic atmosphere to be used for speaking events, concerts, and weddings.  

That space was given a trial-run in the fall of 2016 as we hosted GreaterThan and iAM events there.  

Bunk Bed Blitz

Yes.  We are going to shoot for adding 50-70 bunk beds to, what has been previously been referred to as the 'Basketball Barn.

This is on our 'Needs' list (check that out HERE)

We are looking for volunteers of all types - Families, youth groups, youth organizations, teams,....whoever to help us build these babies.  

These bunks will be used to allow youth groups, youth organizations, teams, or families to utilize at their convenience.  Go ahead - make plans to come out and help, then make plans to stay soon after!