youth outings

Harvest Hills Ministries exists to provide a location for you to connect teen groups to a fantastic 35 acre farm in order to develop and deepen relationships. The Farm at Harvest Hills has been a host to  youth events that include:

  • Campfires
  • Hayrides
  • Stage-based worship and teaching
  • Large scale games
  • Air-soft wars
  • Mud Runs
  • Mountain biking
  • Weekend camping retreats
  • and much more...

To schedule or to inquire about an opportunity to utilize the Farm at Harvest Hills and Partner with Harvest Hills Ministries, contact us at


bunk-bed blitz

We are currently in the process of converting a barn, once used to house champion race horses, into a bunk-house that can sleep up to 70 people.  Look for updates on our EVENT CALENDAR to see when the building of the bunks will happen.

If you are able to pull your group together for a day to help build the bunk beds, then you can pick a date for your youth organization or group to utilize the facility for FREE! 

How to get involved

What we need is human-power, and a lot of it.  We are raising the money to purchase the supplies, so we just need an army of youth to help put everything together.  We have team leaders in place, plans drawn up, and the excitement and motivation to get it done.  Just reach out to us at to let us know if you would be willing to plan a service project for your group this spring or summer!